Support for legacy systems

Bug Fixing

We have a history of picking up and working with existing code bases, both bespoke and off the shelf. Alongside our experience across a wide variety of architectures and technologies this makes us experts at extending the life of your existing systems.

If your current system is working fine 99% of the time there may be no need to scrap it and start over from scratch. We're happy to dig into your project and get it back up to 100%

Legacy Hosting / Support

If your hosting environment is reaching it's end of life, or you can need to scale up but are reliant in obsolete hosting setups. We can re-host your bespoke project on our secure servers and work to keep it up to date with the latest shifts in technology.

We can provide compatible legacy hosting environments for most open source OS's and configurations and work to mitigate security issues by firewalling these systems from the big bad web.

Moving Forward

All good things must come to an end and there will come a point when even the best of systems needs a bit of a makeover. Be it changing requirements, increasing demand on resources or dependencies on obsolete technology at some point it may be time to move on.

We can help you to decide when you've reached this point and work out a plan for how to refresh your system. This could mean moving to a "version 2.0" in which case we'll help you analyse your existing system, reverse engineering tech specs or test suites and safely re-implementing the system. Alternatively a phased approach may be possible whereby individual modules / services can be broken out and rebuilt piece by piece.